Summer Collar Necklace

Beautiful collar necklace made with chips of various natural semi-precious mineral stones; specifically coral, Turquoise, green chalcedony, malachite, citrine quartz, and "yellow cats eye". Finished with a soft layer of light blue silk. Turquoise properties: Turquoise symbolizes protection. Just holding it in your hand makes a person feel more secure in their own skin. Strong, with a sense of calm. It delivers clear vision to the wearer and is considered to be a good luck charm capable of attracting success and bringing about creativity when worn or held. Coral properties: Orange coral is a vital energy stimulant. It eliminates energy imbalances from negative moods and emotions and opens the heart to the power of love. It is considered to be a stone of sensuality and affection, romance and love. It also brings internal changes. Citrine Quartz: It strengthens the imagination and willpower. It is used in crystal therapy treatments to bring light and energy to all chakras, especially the third. It absorbs negative energy but does not hold it back.
  • Made in: Italy
  • Materials: Coral, turquoise, Malachite crystal, Citrine quartz, and yellow “cat’s eye” silk

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