What it is

Itally is a project that uses storytelling to promote Made in Italy around the globe.
That’s why it is looking for brands and artisans who, in addition to producing objects that are an expression of Italian ‘know-how’, also have a story to tell.

The products, the stories, and the people will be the protagonists of a road trip that will stop in various cities around the world to promote Made in Italy in a different way than usual. An adventure that will be told day after day using the best tool to do it: social media.

Itally also includes a dedicated sales network, with an e-shop where the products of the selected brands will be sold.

“I am an artisan and, in
my humble opinion,
think I am quite good”

“I decided to do the only thing which actually makes sense. I set off on a journey”

How it works

For each brand that will join Itally, we will select the most significant products, create multimedia content, and collect all the material necessary to explain its uniqueness and story.

Everything will be loaded on a van, driven by an actor and a fashion influencer, that will begin its journey towards the most important cities in the world, presenting the brands, meeting people, and making them experience first-hand the hidden excellences of Made in Italy. Each stop will be narrated through social media with photos, videos, and livestreams, thus creating a story of the trip and the brands.

The products promoted through this format will be made available on the Itally e-shop and the affiliated brands will receive a percentage of the sales, defined at the time of the affiliation.

“I will travel around the world, loading up a van with experience, life, the stories and products of those people who create beautiful objects every day. Crafted with their heart and hands”

“Crafted with their heart and hands”

Who it is for

Itally is for creative talents, artisans, and contractors who have invested in an original and high-quality product line. But above all it is looking for brands with something to tell, to make them become the protagonists of a great story: that of the most secret and authentic Made in Italy.

A story that Itally is about to tell the whole world.

Your brand has a story to tell?
You are looking for a different promotional tool than usual?

“Do you want to get to know the real Made in Italy? Stay where you are. I’ll bring it to you.”